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Mtg standard deck builder

If you are new to MTG Arena, building a cheap and competitive deck can be challenging. Fortunately, the Standard rotation system allows players to catch up eventually but sometimes you also just want to try a different kind of deck without having to pay up. In this guide, you will find a curated list of our best budget Standard decks, followed by a brief explanation on the deck, an upgrade guide and sample decks for each one and a link to the full guide if available.

We also have a budget sideboard guide at the end as well if you want to hone your best-of-three game and want to see what options you have for building a sideboard!

You can visit our Standard deck page for the complete collection of fully upgraded decks as a reference as well. Remember, if you need any help you can always join our Discord server and join our community and follow us on Twitter to catch up on any updates! Our budget Standard decks will generally have the following requirements and aim to meet the following goals for players that play these decks:.

Theros Beyond Death is quite generous on the playable commons and uncommons compared to other sets. Firstly, each color receives a Demigod such as Daxos, Blessed by the Sun that contributes to the Devotion mechanic and although the associated Gods are at mythic rare level, they can still stand on their own right and some cards such as Gray Merchant of Asphodel is all you need to create a decent Black Devotion deck to start you off with.

The set is also all about enchantments, and we receive some powerful build around cards such as Staggering Insight and Hateful Eidolon that involves Auras. The uncommon Sagas of each color maybe except the Red one, The Triumph of Anax are also filled with value, which may suit slower controlling strategies better. There are also some decent cards and sideboard cards sprinkled in the set such as Destiny Spinner which can be suitable for the main deck as well, Banishing Light which should replace Prison Realm going forward and Agonizing Remorse which gives black another strong discard spell outside of Thought Erasure.

Overall, budget decks should get a nice boost with this set! Mono White Aggro is all about using small creatures to get under your opponent. This strategy works well for budget purposes, since most of the creatures we want to use are commons and uncommons. Luckily in Theros Beyond Death, the deck received some strong white cards to make the deck competitive, especially when fully upgraded. There are two possible pathways you can go with the deck. You can make use of the new Devotion mechanic featuring the likes of Heliod, Sun-Crowned which works well with the existing lifegain strategy, which will make the deck slightly more expensive in terms of Wildcards.

In this deck we have some minor lifegain and sacrifice synergies. Whether the full deck is competitive is another question that remains to be seen, as it can be quite weak to control decks that interact with your creatures.

Cards like Tymaret, Chosen from Death and Deathless Knight can provide both lifegain and Devotion pips and just being decent creatures themselves. Upgrading the deck is also quite affordable and useful, with rares such as Murderous Knight being ubiquitous cards in other decks as well.

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Mono Red Aggro should always exist in some form or another, and the deck has become a more creature-based deck and subsequently weaker compared to the version before the previous Standard rotation. The addition of Anax, Hardened in the Forge makes the deck a bit more formidable, proving a strong body and resilience to board wipes which the deck is weak too.

The upgraded deck also has nice potential though you may need some more rares and Embercleave to get maximum mileage. As it stands, the deck is certainly not tier one with the current card pool and especially now that Mono White Devotion lifegain decks are prevalent.

It is recommended for newer players who prefer a quick and aggressive budget friendly deck that can be played well with a bit of practice. This deck is currently recommended for new players that want a taste of a combo and aggressive deck, but currently not good for longer term, competitive use with the same reasons as Mono Red Aggro above.

Budget Standard Decks

The deck does however, gets slightly stronger with Theros Beyond Death with the simple addition of Anax, Hardened in the Forge. Azorius Flyers is a creature based and heavily synergistic aggressive deck that has been a great option for budget players. Blue also adds a lot of depth to the deck in terms of main deck disruption or sideboard choices. While it usually is not a tier one deck, it is a great metagame choice at times, where it shines against slower decks.

It did not add too much in Theros Beyond Death except for Staggering Insightwhich adds a bit of card draw. We await further efficient flying creatures to boost this archetype even further in future sets before Empyrean Eagle rotates!

Knights were one of the tribal synergies that was activated with the release of Throne of Eldraine and the introduction of Inspiring Veteran. While the budget version of the deck lacks a bit of depth without the key rares such as Acclaimed Contender and Embercleaveit aims to combine the strength of both traditional mono white and red archetypes and you are relying on the strength of the army boosting power of Inspiring Veteran.

Whether the deck archetype will remain competitive among the Rakdos builds or even the three-color Mardu versions remains to be proven but it definitely can be played to high levels in the right hands. This version of Dimir Control is based on the Twitch Prime deck, and includes some rares and Liliana, Dreadhorde General that comes with the deck but can easily be tailored to your preference and collection.Explore user-posted decksbrowse writeups or watch the latest videos from our Content Creators.

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Contribute brew a new deck with the Deck Builder. The latest tier one meta decks from Major Eventsupdated daily. Summary of the metagame from every competitive format in addition to a detailed summary of all Commander and Brawl Decks.

Discover the latest trends with the meta statistics. Keep track of your card collection with the ability to have multiple inventories, organize with the Binder system and import cards by scanning with the Card Scanner app.

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Dark Theme. Standard BO1. Mono Red Rakdos 8. Mono White 6. Jeskai 4. Bant Rakdos Temur 8. Niv-Mizzet Reborn 5. Nicol Bolas, Drag.Arm yourself with knowledge! The recent Twitch Rivals event has given us a small glimpse into what the meta could look like. Here are the top 10 best MTG: Arena decks and their game plans.

Its best player was Percsalot with a record on day 1. Mono-Red Aggro appears on this list since it was both popular and successful in Twitch Rivals. Mono-Red Aggro wants to vomit out its hand of creatures as soon as possible and then swing for face before its opponent can really do anything. This version of Mono-Red however also packs plenty of card advantage so its hand vomit is more of a steady stream of creatures instead of just a one-off explosion.

Its best player was Will Hall who made it into the top 8. Cards like Ayara and Midnight Reaper will keep giving you advantages while you sacrifice the cat. You thought we were free from Simic colored decks? The idea behind this deck is to ramp into massive spells like Hydroid Krasis, Agent of Treachery, or Mass Manipulation.

If all else fails, you can switch to a midrange plan through Nissa and Cavalier of Thorns. A Rakdos Knights deck got a record and was played by fernanditouh. Rakdos Knights uses a Knights Tribal theme to establish an early board. After that, it can put down Rotting Regisaur and attach Embercleave to it to deal 16 trample damage, usually ending the game. This deck wants to control the board until it has enough mana to play Agent of Treachery or Mass Manipulation.

Jeskai Fires was one of the most popular decks in Twitch Rivals, making up Sam Rolfo represented the deck in the Top 8. The deck has a pretty straight forward game plan - control the board, then play Fires of Invention.

Once Fire sticks, play Drawn from Dreams for free. Its best record was by Sandoiche who would also make it all the way to the finals. This deck wants to keep playing creatures while Edgewall Innkeeper is on the field. This way, the deck can keep your hand stocked on options and more creatures to keep playing. Thanks for reading! Remember, this is all currently based on early results from Standard Leagues and Twitch Rivals since it was a large enough tournament to get a decent sample size.

The meta is still very much in flux and people are testing out new decks all the time. FrostBite 1 month 3 weeks ago. Do you have any other recommendations for the Izzett Phoenix decks that don't use the Brazen Borrower? Is it critical to the deck? I was thinking of putting Ox Of Agonas because he can be brought out pretty quickly and he can replenish your hand.

Hawkguy 5 months 6 hours ago. I know that feeling.Standardformerly known as Type 2is a rotating constructed format that was created on January 10, Standard decks must contain a minimum of sixty cards. There is no maximum deck size; however, one must be able to shuffle one's deck without assistance. Sideboards are optional and may contain up to fifteen cards. With the exception of basic land cards, a player's combined deck and sideboard may not contain more than four copies of any individual card, counted by the card's English title equivalent.

Cards from the following sets are currently legal in Standard, with the exception of banned cards: [4]. The following is a list of cards that have been banned at one point during their stay in the Standard environment.

How to Build Your First Magic Deck

Should a banned card which rotated out of standard be later reintroduced into Standard, the ban will not carry over to that set. The only example up to date is Darksteel Citadelwhich was banned in Mirrodin Standard, but was later reprinted in Magic Prior to the Three-and-One Modelthe two oldest blocks still legal in Standard would rotate out of the format. When Standard then called "Type 2" was created on January 10,it inherited the banned and restricted lists from Vintage then "Type 1".

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The original Standard format allowed the recent two blocks, plus the most recent core set two core sets between the last release and and the actual rotation. After Magic Originscore sets were discontinued and blocks only contained two setsusually one large and one small. A Standard with three blocks and two rotations Spring and Autumn was adopted between and Khans of Tarkir and Fate ReforgedDragons of Tarkir and Magic Origins counted as separated blocks in a transitional period.

In this system the number of legal sets would vary less always five or six, compared to the current five to eight. The release of first expansion of Autumn set will trigger a rotation, rotating out the oldest two blocks. Since Kaladeshthe Standard Showdown is also introduced as a root-level competitive tournament, awarding special prize packs notably foil rare cards from standard sets to participants. Sign In.

Magic: The Gathering Arena Decklists

Jump to: navigationsearch. Wizards of the Coast. Standard Modern Pioneer. Vintage Legacy Pauper. Two-Headed Giant. Omniscience Draft. Categories : Constructed formats Standard format. Hidden category: Release day maintenance. Navigation menu Namespaces Page Discussion.

mtg standard deck builder

Card Search Tools Gatherer Scryfall. This page was last edited on 10 Marchat Game content and materials are trademarks and copyrights of their respective publisher and its licensors. All rights reserved. This site is a part of Fandom, Inc.It contains basic land cards 17 of each type from Ixalan and 3 of each type from Kaladesh85 fixed cards, 40 of 70 semi- randomized cards suitable for building several different Magic decksand four card booster packs.

mtg standard deck builder

You also get a deck builder's guide with tips about building the best Magic decks, a Magic "learn to play" guide and a full-art reusable card storage box. Each toolkit contains 85 fixed cards together with the basic lands.

Deck Building

The semi-random portion of the Deck Builder's Toolkit consists of 4 groups, out of 7 possible groups, each of 10 cards 5 Commons and 5 Uncommons and representing one of the 7 possible deck strategies 1x Vampires, 1x Merfolk, 2x Dinosaurs, 2x Pirates and 1 x Ramp.

The groups are separated by one of the four above mentioned Evolving Wilds:. Sign In. Jump to: navigationsearch. Booster Battle Packs. Card comparisons. Planeswalker decks. Separating the semi-random cards 4 4 Evolving Wilds. Deck Builder's Toolkits. Explorers of Ixalan. Azor Angrath Huatli Jace Vraska.

Aclazotz Immortal Sun Threefold Sun. Categories : Deck Builder's Toolkits Ixalan block. Navigation menu Namespaces Page Discussion. Card Search Tools Gatherer Scryfall. This page was last edited on 12 Aprilat Game content and materials are trademarks and copyrights of their respective publisher and its licensors.

mtg standard deck builder

All rights reserved. This site is a part of Fandom, Inc. Support Contact PRO.Deck Building is the process creating a deck. Building a deck can be fun but making it competitive can be a difficult process. Depending on the Format of your deck, there are different things you have to think about. In this article, we'll discuss the Standard format. If you don't play in tournaments or other social events, you can customize the rules a bit between you and your playgroup.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Deck rules There are several rules you have to follow when constructing a deck: Your deck must have a minimum of 60 cards. Your deck may only contain 4 of any card. The only exceptions of this rule are the Basic Lands or if a card's text contradicts this rule such as Relentless Rats.

Deck Building Tips Try to keep your deck close to 60 cards in size, the more cards you add the more you decrease the chances of getting the card you need. A big problem for many starting players is Mana. You want a deck with just enough mana. You're doomed if you don't get your lands or other Mana cards, but you're no better off if you get only Mana and no Spells. It has to be balanced. When you use a 60 card deck, 24 mana will suffice, but at the very least one land for every two spells.

Another problem many starters have is that they don't get the right color of mana. If you have multiple colors in your deck, the chance that you'll draw the right color is reduced. It's generally better to keep your deck to 2 or fewer colors.

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Decks with 4 colors, and even all 5 can work, but a starter should keep it to a maximum of 2. If you want, you can always add Artifacts or multicolored Spells to your deck. The balance between the number of Creatures and other spells varies from deck to deck, but you always need creatures, and enough of them.

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You also want SorceriesInstants and other Spells to help reduce your opponent's life total, destroy their permanents, control their cards, and buff your creatures.Build and playtest Magic: the Gathering decks with a simple, fast interface and card suggestions. Sign up or Log in to start brewing, or browse decks to get ideas!

Check out the FAQ for help getting started. This website is in no way affiliated with or endorsed by Wizards of the Coast or Hasbro. Toggle navigation MTGBrew. Card Search to begin searching. Recent Decks M4st3rBl4st3r Standard. Rules Text:. Type s :. Flavor Text:. Exclude Unselected Require All Selected. Inventors Duel Decks: Merfolk vs. Goblins Duel Decks: Mind vs. Might Duel Decks: Nissa vs.

Ob Nixilis Duel Decks: Blessed vs. Cursed Duel Decks: Zendikar vs. Eldrazi Duel Decks: Elspeth vs. Kiora Duel Decks Anthology: Divine vs.

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Demonic Duel Decks Anthology: Elves vs. Goblins Duel Decks Anthology: Garruk vs. Liliana Duel Decks Anthology: Jace vs. Chandra Duel Decks: Speed vs.

Cunning Duel Decks: Jace vs. Vraska Duel Decks: Heroes vs. Monsters Duel Decks: Sorin vs. Tibalt Duel Decks: Izzet vs. Golgari Duel Decks: Venser vs.

mtg standard deck builder

Koth Duel Decks: Ajani vs.

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